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Area: 9.737 km² , Population: 464.975
The city, which is the cradle of Trojan, Assos like former civilization centers, and where Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park, various martyr, monument and graves are present, the most bloody fights of Çanakkale wars are occurred, and Aegean and Marmara seas are connected and Europe and Asia is met at its coasts has an important place in inland and foreign tourism.

Highway: Bus and minibus voyages are organized to the provinces during every hour from coach station at city center.
Maritime Lines: There are direct ferry voyages from Çanakkale to Gökçeada. For going to Bozcaada from Çanakkale, you should go to Ezine - Geyikli and then to Yüklük port.
Airway: There are flights from Istanbul 3 days of the week.

- Seeing Gallipoli and visiting Martyrs,
- Visiting Kaz Mountain,
- Watching sun set at Assos and seeing visual arts festival,
- Visiting Troja, and climbing to wooden horse,
- Tasting Bozcaada wines,
- Diving at bays of Gökçeada

Assos, which is within Ayvacık province, is hosting to the native and foreign tourists during four seasons. Acropolis is 238 m. high from sea level. Athena Temple was constructed at the same place during the 6th century B. C. Besides protection of Biga peninsula and Edremit Gulf, this Doric temple has been restored to its former magnificence. You can wait and stay for a while watching moon light on ruins of a temple, or you can awake early in the morning and watch the magnificent image of Edremit Gulf from the upper part of the city while sun is slowly rising. And all of these make one understand why Assos is paradise to be visited for a perfect holiday. There are agoras, a theater and a Gymnasium from hills streching out to the sea.
A bridge, a castle and a mosque, constructed during Ottoman Sultan I. Murat during 14th century at the north edge of the Acropolis can be seen. There was a small and sweet port at lower side.
At 25 km. west of Behramkale, in Gülpınar village, Chryse, a historical city, in which Apollo Smintheus Temple constructed during 2nd century B. C., is present. At 15 km. west of Gülpınar, on a road which is lying throughout an unsigned sharp rocks, there is Babakale with cute village houses on the steep of the hill descending to the sea.

Bozcaada, whose environment is 14 miles, is an important tourism center. The island surrounded by small and large islands around is 15 miles away from Çanakkale Strait, 30 miles away from Limni, 33 miles away from Midilli. Ezine province, Geyikli borough, where transportation is maintained 3.4 miles away from Yükyeri Ferry Port.
There are twelve pieces of paradise like bays, which are Liman Bay, Değirmenler Bay, Poyraz Port, Çanak Port, Çapraz Port, Çanak Port, Kocatarla Port, Lagor Port, Ayana Port, Ayazma Bay, Sulubahçe Bay, Habbeli Bay in the island.
A Venetian castle draw attention when you come close to Bozcaada. The castle, which is used during Venetian, Genovese and Byzantium period, is highly repaired during Fatih Sultan Mehmet period due to the importance of Çanakkale Strait.
Wine of the island is as plenty as water; you will see lots of vineyards and orchards when you have a tour. Windmills at west of the island supply the most of the electricity needs of the island as well as its environs. There are hotels and boarding houses, appropriate for all students for accommodation in the island.

Gökçeada, is one of the biggest of Turkish islandssurrounded by gulfs. There are holy streams and monasteries at the peaks covered with pine and olive trees with different tones. Scheduled, regular ferry voyages are organized here from Çanakkale and Kabatepe. Gökçeada (Kuzu port), is 32 miles away from Çanakkale according to the followed route, 14 miles to Kabatepe port in Gallipoli peninsula, 33 miles to Bozcaada, 16 miles to a Greek island, Limni in Aegean sea, 14 miles to Semadirek island. It is one of the richest islands of the world in connection with fresh water resources. Diving tours are organized to the bays of the island.

İntepe Borough, near to Tevfikiye Village, is 30 km. away from Çanakkale, in Hisarlık. Archeological excavations revealed the different time periods of various settlement areas, city ramparts, house basis, a temple and a theater. A symbolic horse made up of wood reminds the big Trojan war. Historical port, Alexandria - Troas was constructed during 3rd century B. C. St. Paul had visited here two times, and his third missioner voyage to Assos was started from here.

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