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TAORS Online Reservation System

Competitive advantage in business life! Who is to reject? The way to achieve it for travel agencies is, in general, to utilize the internet efficiently and in particular to have an online reservation system. There is an incontrovertible fact: Travel industry has reformed, gained dimensions and competition became impossible without having an online reservation system.

Economic and international crises used to be a trouble enough for the travel agencies that conduct business with a few countries and have limitations. When the travel industry moved to internet, the leader companies which can offer online reservation facility got ahead far and away, leaving a descrescent market share to others. In a near future, this gradual decrease of the market share will force many agenies to throw in the towel. Now it’s the time for a solution! Realizing that the solution is having online reservation facility and to stop working with only one or few countries but to reach the whole world market, the companies with vision rolled up their sleeves long time ago. From now on, using TAORS, you have not only chance to catch up but to beat the competition as well. It is interesting that an ordinary company can become mondial, having the benefits of an online reservation on the internet. If you simply search your memory you can find some examples. We, TAORS team, have accomplished something unachieved so far. We claim that TAORS is a milestone for tourism. You will see it for yourself by checking the features and experiencing our software.

Meanwhile, there is an issue worth elaborating. Why has many of the companies that understood the necessity of having an online reservation system tried to build one but failed? Why could not many companies, which spent enormous budgets to establish a software team or aggreed with a software company succeed to built an online reservation system? Answering the question, we will also prove our eligibility. Travel industry and travel agencies have distinctive details, varieties and irregularities. When all these elements are combined in a single equation, you have to built a system which is extremely hard to run on the web. First of all you have to know the industry, have experience by working with travel agency owners. Then you could understand their necessities and create the best solution. Now we have a new company but have a great experience on this subject.

Why us? What do we offer? Is there any alternative to us?

First two questions have long answers and you will find only a summary in the next sentences. However, the third question is easy to answer: No! Sounds pretentious but not… When you compare other online reservation systems with our's, you will see that their features are only a portion of TAORS. Summarizing in one sentence, TAORS is the first and unique platform which a travel agency can sell all of its possible products globally in a single website.

Have you ever seen an online reservation system that can work across all languages and currencies at the same time? Have you ever seen an online reservation system having a user friendly shopping cart with unlimited markets feature providing distinct prices to agencies in different countries? It is possible to ask dozens of questions like these but every time the answer will be the same: No!

We are the ones that have the power of “Yes!” We are the ones, who put forth the courage, progress, know-how and technology, vision and leadership. Everybody knows the problems, we are the ones to offer solutions.

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